Our stylish eye glass selection features a wide variety of name brand frames; our opticians can help you find the best pair of modern frames for you! Stylish Eye Glass Frames

Choose from any of our modern, stylish frames, available in many different types of material and colors. Gone are the days when wearing glasses might mean social stigma; make your frames your new favorite accessory!

Designer Eye Glass Frames

Name Brand and Designer Eye Glass Frames

In order to provide frames to fit every lifestyle and visual need, we at Mather Vision Group carry a variety of the very best frames and styles. Below you will find descriptions of each of our brands, so that you can pick the one that best suits your personality. Be warned - it may be hard to choose just one! Visit our eye vision center in Lafayette IN to see our wide selection of eye wear!

Our Stylish Brands

Our Featured Frames: Aspire

Eye Appointment Payment Options

The Mather Vision Group has several payment options for your convenience. We accept most major insurance company plans, including Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Arnett HMO, City of Lafayette, Caterpillar, Purdue, and Alcoa.
For those without insurance, we offer an option of cash, personal check, VISA or MasterCard.

"Dr. Mather is very professional and conducts detailed/thorough eye exams. The staff is courteous, friendly and knows what frames/lenses will be best for my face shape."

Linda Klotz

“I appreciate that you have days with later hours for appointments to work around our work schedules. It makes it very convenient.”

Sandra Williams

"Thank you so much for seeing me so quickly. I appreciate the great service you gave and your entire staff.”

Betty Harvey

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