Safety Glasses at Work in Lafayette IN 

At Mather Vision Group we have a large selection of safety eyewear. We are providers for most of the factories in Lafayette IN and surrounding communities. Please refer to our list to see if your employer is included. If you do not see your company listed, please call to see if there might still be eligibility through us. If your employer does not provide safety eyewear for you, we have special pricing to ensure you will be able to obtain the eye protection you deserve at the lowest prices available.

Participating Lafayette Employers

Our opticians will help choose the best safety glasses for your Lafayette area company. Some of the participating companies based in Lafayette IN and Tippecanoe County that we provide safety glasses for are:

  •   Caterpillar
  •   CSX
  •   Endocyte
  •   Frito-Lay
  •   Graphic Packaging
  •   NTK
  •   Purdue
  •   Sun Chemical
  •   Tate & Lyle
  •   Tuthill
  •   Wabash

We have a large selection of safety frames from which to choose.


3M Eye Protection
3M Safety Glasses provide eye protection from debris, sparks and other hazards. Lightweight safety glasses with side shields come in a variety of tints such as clear, smoke and mirrored. 3M Lens covers fit over face shield lens for protection from scratches, overspray and chemical vapors. 3M safety products are applicable to automotive, marine, welding, and other industries.



Uvex has, since its earliest days, focused its research and development efforts on creating new innovations in safety eyewear that directly benefit the workers who wear them. By constantly searching for ways to improve the protective capabilities, comfort, fit, durability, styling, and look of the safety eyewear it produces, Uvex has become the acknowledged leader in protective eyewear innovation. Uvex has proven that for decades it has been the pioneer of innovation in protective eyewear. It is the undisputed leading US manufacturer and supplier of premium safety eyewear for a multitude of industries. You can be sure that Uvex will always be at the forefront of innovation in the future.

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Betty Harvey

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