Preventative Health: Visiting your Optometrist

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Preventative Health: Visiting your Optometrist

Never been to an eye doctor? It may be time to change that. Visiting your local optometrist isn’t just for those with vision correction concerns or those who wear glasses and contacts regularly. Visiting an optometrist semi-regularly for a comprehensive eye exam is an important aspect of preventative health (yes, even for people with 20/20 vision). 

Periodic check-ups with an optometrist can help lead to early diagnosis of many different eye diseases and help prevent vision loss, especially as patients continue to age. Eyecare should become a part of your regular healthcare routine, regardless of if you need glasses or not. 

Why I should visit my optometrist?

Establish Patient History: Regularly seeing your optometrist allows your doctor to track recurring symptoms and gauge if they are the cause of some underlying health concerns. Having an established patient history also helps your doctor note health conditions that run in your family and pay specific attention to symptoms that may indicate certain diseases that have appeared in your family history.   


Measure Vision: Even if you don’t wear glasses or contacts, we naturally face vision loss as we age. A comprehensive eye exam can measure vision more accurately than a simple reading chart and gives a thorough idea of how healthy our vision actually is. Your eye exam will measure visual acuity (how clearly you see), keratometry (the curvature of your cornea), refraction (how light enters your eye), as well as a general overall health check of your eyes. 

Health benefits of visiting my optometrist?

Eye Doctor Eye Exam Optometrist Lafayette, Indiana 

Early detection: Optometrists are eye specialists and are trained to look for specific symptoms that could potentially lead to eye problems later on. By detecting symptoms early on, steps can be taken to begin treatment and prevent further development of a disease or  decline in health.


Disease detection: Diseases, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and arthritis, can be detected via the eye and can prompt your optometrist to suggest a follow-up appointment with your primary care doctor. 


Vision monitoring: If you do wear glasses or contacts, regular visits to your eye doctor allow for your prescription to be reviewed and updated as necessary. This helps prevent against eye strain and allows you to see clearly and keep your eyes functioning at a healthy level to help you see clearly. This helps your eyes adapt and adjust to your changing vision and allows you to update your glasses and contacts prescription as needed. 

When should I visit my optometrist? Lafayette, IN Eye Doctor Eye Exams Contacts Glasses

There are varying reports of how often a visit to the optometrist is needed, but for the most part it is recommended a visit to the optometrist is made on a regular interval if you experience vision loss and semi-regular interval if you do not. 

● For those with vision loss and who regularly wear prescription glasses or contacts it is recommended seeing your optometrist once a year

● For those without vision loss symptoms, but a history of eye disease it is recommended visiting the eye doctor every 2-3 years

● For those without vision loss symptoms the following is optometrist appointment schedule recommended by the American Academy of Ophthalmology:

○ At 6 months of age

○ 3 years old

○ Before entering grade school

○ Before entering college

○ Once in 20s

○ Twice in 30s

○ Regularly after 40 (every 2-3 years)

○ Every 1-2 years after age 65

●  It’s important to visit the optometrist immediately if you face sudden vision loss, eye pain or some other change in vision.


Mather Vision Group is your local optometrist option with 30+ years of eye care experience. Schedule a comprehensive eye exam with us today to get your eye checked and to make sure vision is healthy. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.  


Mather Vision Group is a local eye practice located in Lafayette, Indiana. Contact our office to schedule an appointment or stop in to see our large variety of eyeglass frames at our Lafayette Indiana vision center.


You can find us online, on Facebook , and Google+






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